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The ROMERO is a high-performance tyre that is designed to provide drivers with dynamic handling, superior road grip, and an impressive blend of comfort and stability.

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  • Asymmetric pattern on both sides enhances cornering, with wide exterior design increasing ground contact for confident turns.
  • Innovative compound and tread ensure superior traction on wet and dry surfaces for uncompromised performance.
  • Balanced pressure distribution promotes even wear, durability, and excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Carefully engineered tread patterns contribute to a serene driving experience, minimizing road noise for a smooth, quiet ride.
Rim Size Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating
13″ 165/65R13 77 H
175/60R13 77 H
175/70R13 82 T
14″ 165/65R14 79 T
165/70R14 81 T
175/65R14 86 H
175/70R14 84 T
185/60R14 82 H
185/65R14 86 H
185/70R14 88 T
205/60R14 88 H

Sizes Under Development

Rim Size Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating
13″ 185/60R13 82 H
175/60R13 75 T
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