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Experience unmatched speed and control with the URCOLA+, the ultimate UHP tyre for sports cars and high-performance sedans.

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  • Specially designed tread pattern to manage the demands of high-speed driving, ensuring optimal control and responsiveness.
  • Thermal-resistant coating reduces heat build-up during high-speed driving, ensuring consistent performance.
  • V-shaped tread blocks offer superior grip and excellent water drainage for wet and slippery roads.
  • Equipped with AE (AcousticEase), an innovative internal layer that reduces road noise for a quieter, comfortable drive.
Rim Size Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating
19″ 235/55R19 105 V
245/40ZR19 98 Y
245/45ZR19 98 Y
255/35ZR19 96 Y
255/40ZR19 100 Y
255/50ZR19 107 W
275/35ZR19 100 Y
275/40ZR19 105 Y
275/45R19 108 W
14″ 265/40ZR21 105 Y
295/35ZR21 107 Y
295/40ZR21 111 W

Sizes Under Development

Rim Size Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating
17″ 205/55R17 91 W
18″ 225/55R18 102 Y
21″ 275/45R21 110 Y
275/50R21 113 V
22″ 265/35R22 106 Y
275/40R22 110 Y
285/35R22 110 Y
285/40R22 110 Y
285/45R22 110 Y
295/40R22 112 Y
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