Ultra high performance summer tyre that brings comfort
and performance in both wet and dry handling.


Built for maximum fuel efficiency, this low-rolling-resistance model
provides all-season traction and comfortable drives.


Designed to deliver pure driving thrill and energetic,
sporty performance to LSUV drivers.

MatraX tyres

MatraX tyres are designed to offer comfort, safety, and value. Whether your are looking for the ultimate performance,
traction, or pure driving pleasure, we engineered tyre patterns to fit every need.


Global Presence

Base operations in Europe and the Middle-East, the MatraX brand reaches out to over 40 countries
around the globe. With innovative technology, rigid quality control, and highly regulated safety standards,
MatraX tyres has set its path to develop innovative, quality tyres for the UHP, SUV, 4×4 and PCR lines.
The MatraX tyres product range is set out to suit every need.

Tyre Awareness

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